Our books are full of exciting adventures that children will love!
Our books are full of exciting adventures!

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Diagnosed with Courage

A heartfelt and inspiring inaugural book of the series Dia-Bestie Adventures that tells the story of a young girl named Kennedy who is diagnosed with type one diabetes. Kennedy receives the news and she and her family are forced to adjust to a new way of life. The book follows Kennedy as she learns to manage her diabetes, including giving herself insulin shots and checking her blood sugar levels.

Despite the challenges she faces, Kennedy refuses to let her diagnosis define her. She remains determined to live her life to the fullest and not let diabetes hold her back. With its heartfelt message, "Diagnosed with Courage" is a must-read for anyone looking to find hope and strength in the face of adversity. Join Kennedy in future adventures as she explores sleep-overs, parties, and much much more!

Better Together

Join Kennedy, a brave and adventurous type one diabetic girl, and her bestie Rowynn as the embark on a magical journey through the One-derland Forest. In this heartwarming children's book, Kennedy and Rowynn learn the importance of empathy, acceptance, and friendship. As they explore the One-derland Forest hand in hand, Kennedy and Rowynn meet their trusty companion, Hazel the hedgehog.

Hazel, having type one diabetes herself, offers her knowledge and support as they dive into the world of managing Kennedy's condition. Throughout their journey, Kennedy and Rowynn discover the true meaning of "better together." They learn that friendship, kindness, and acceptance can overcome any obstacle. This heartwarming tale will leave readers inspired to show empathy to those who are different and appreciate the power of true friendship.

Sweet Connections

The third book in a series that introduces young readers to the world of type one diabetes. This particular book focuses on Kennedy, a young girl who has also been diagnosed with type one diabetes. Through her experiences, readers follow along as Kennedy introduces herself with other children who also have diabetes.

Kennedy's goal is to meet and form friendships with other type one diabetics from all over, so no one is alone in her struggles with this condition. She realizes that it is important for children with diabetes to have friends who understand what they are going through, and she makes it her mission to help connect other children in the diabetic community. Together "sweet connections" are made!

Diabetes Detective - Tracking the ABC's of Type One Diabetes

Join the lovable duo, Kennedy and Ollie, on an exciting and educational adventure as they embark on a journey through the ABC's of type one diabetes! Each letter of the alphabet represents an important aspect of diabetes care, making it easy for young readers to absorb and remember key information. It's a must-have book for children, families, and classrooms alike.

Diabestie Adventure Coloring and Activity Book

Enter the exceptional world of Dia-Bestie Adventures! This coloring book has been thoughtfully crafted to accompany the first series of books, including A Dia-Bestie Adventure: Diagnosed With Courage, Better Together In Type One-derland, Sweet Connections, and Diabetes Detective: ABC's Of Type One Diabetes. It advocates an optimistic and active outlook towards managing type one diabetes. Grab your preferred colors and unleash your imagination! Express yourself and let your creativity flow without limits.

Sweetest Adventure Journal

Introducing a unique journal designed specifically for pre-teens and teenagers living with type one diabetes. This journal is a valuable resource for those who want to navigate their diabetes journey with positivity and empowerment. With prompts and journaling exercises geared towards daily life with diabetes, this journal aims to facilitate reflection and mindfulness, while also helping to establish healthy habits and routines. With this journal, one can learn to embrace their diagnosis and feel empowered to live their best life with diabetes.

Sweetest Adventure Coloring Book

A coloring book created exclusively for pre-teens and teenagers with type one diabetes to accompany their journal of the same name and assist them in navigating their individual journey. Through its intricate designs and patterns, the coloring book enables young type one diabetics to express their creativity and alleviate stress. Furthermore, the coloring pages are specially crafted to encourage introspection, mindfulness, and self-reflection, all of which help to enhance mental well-being and peace of mind.
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